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Let be the files com and fic whith the access rights defined in the following shell sequence:

$ cat com
if tty>/dev/null
    then read x
    else read x<fic
echo $x
$ cat fic
$ ls -l com fic
-r-xr-xr-x  1 jmr    ens    70 Jan 22 09:41 com
-r--r--r--  1 jmr    ens    5 Jan 22 09:41 fic

Why does it stops at echo $x when com is launched (in foreground)? Shouldn't it read fic then?

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Where are you trying to run com? – Eric Renouf Jan 4 at 17:52
on a table with a sheet of paper and a pencil, this is the answer given by the book: Exercices corrigés de programmation UNIX by J.M. Rifflet – Marine1 Jan 4 at 17:56
Also, when you launch com in the foreground it will have a tty, so will be in the if block, not the else so it will wait for input on stdin, if you execute it without a tty (for example ssh localhost ./com) it will read fic – Eric Renouf Jan 4 at 17:56
Strictly speaking, unless an error happens, the last line will be echo $x, either way. Your question is probably "why is the script does not stop on the interactive read?" – 9000 Jan 4 at 17:57
Yes, that's pretty much my question... – Marine1 Jan 4 at 17:58
if tty>/dev/null ; then
    read x
    read x<fic

means, that fic will only be read when tty returns an error. Which will happen when it finds that its stdin is not a terminal. Typically this happens either when the script is in a pipe or when you run it via nohup, or as a cron job, or remotely via ssh -T...

Using [ -t 0 ] as a condition is pretty much the same (and faster, since [ aka test is usually a built-in these days).

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The com shell script, when executed in the foreground, stops on line: read $x because it is waiting for an input on read on the actual tty.

If you type a line, the read will terminate and set this line to the variable x.

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