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I'd like to override one of the applications set in /usr/bin/. I have created an alternative with the same name in ~/bin/ which in in my PATH (as set both in .bashrc and in .profile).

When I start the application from the console, I get the expected result: my application is started instead of one from the distribution.

However, within KDE, when I do alt+F2 and type in the application name, the one in /usr/bin starts instead of the one in ~/bin/.

How do I set KDE so that ~/bin is recognized from everywhere in KDE.

I'll probably also have to edit the K-menu, although I am not sure how to do it with KDE4.

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Thirs hit in google for 'KDE environment variables' is this which seems to be what you're looking for.

(You can also configure the login manager to export a specific $PATH - the man page for xdm illustrates how to do this)

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On my system there is a directory


All the scripts that directory that end in .sh are executed. I for instance have a script there called profile.sh that contains the following:

export LC_TIME=en_DK.utf8  # ISO 8601 dates
[ "$LC_ALL" != "$LC_TIME" ] && unset LC_ALL

to make sure that Firefox and Thunderbird use international standards for date and time.

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