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I have the following loop in zsh:

 for x in my_folders*; 
   rsync -adrv $x/foo/bar/ /foo2/bar2/new_dir/$x/

new_dir does not exist before calling rsync, and I would like rsync to create it, along with everything else needed for the copy operation.

I am passing rsync the flags d and r but it complains with:

rsync: mkdir "/foo2/bar2/new_dir/item1" failed: No such file or directory (2)

It apparently assumes that the folders /foo2/bar2/new_dir/$x/ exist prior to the copying, which don't. With this:

  • Is there a way to ask rsync to create any necessary directories needed for the copy operation to work?
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Looking at the rsync man page I don't see an option for your scenario. But what about adding the directory manually before starting the sync, thus avoiding your issue?

for x in my_folders*; 
   mkdir -p /foo2/bar2/new_dir/$x
   rsync -adrv $x/foo/bar/ /foo2/bar2/new_dir/$x/
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