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I am trying to find some Unix tool to input any Unicode key. I am fine with X application or console but I use Vi/m and it may have this property. For example, suppose I want to input key "U+0303" or the key "U+007E" in Unicode.

You should get something below, source, with the unicodes:

U+0303 ◌̃ combining tilde and U+007E ~ 

I am looking for a general tool, not be depended on certain kbd layouts. It is actually better if it is was some very basic tool without unnecessary bells-and-whistles. The simplest win.

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If nothing else is present, entering javascript:document.write("~"); into a browser's empty tab gives you something to copy-and-paste. Far from comfortable, but these days, you'll hardly ever be without browser. – Ulrich Schwarz Nov 17 '11 at 18:44
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In GTK+ applications you can simply press Ctrl+Shift+u, type in the hex and press Enter. Example:

Ctrl+Shift+u 7 E Enter~

This works in my Vim. For the native Vim combination:

Ctrl+v u 7 E Escape~; cursor on top of the key

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