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I want to have CentOS 6.0 x86_64 as a dom0 xen host. During the installation of CentOS there are many options for installation: "minimal" "Basic Server"... "Virtual Host".. The question is: which one should I select? Is it "virtual host" or can I go with "Basic server" or "minimal" (which is the default)?

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Looking at this wonderful answer to a related question reveals the differences between the package groups of "Basic Server" and "Virtual Host":

Basic Server: base, console-internet, core, debugging, directory-client, hardware-monitoring, java-platform, large-systems, network-file-system-client, performance, perl-runtime, server-platform

Virtual Host = Basic Server + virtualization, virtualization-client, virtualization-platform

Thus the first guess would be that Virtual Host is best suited; but looking at the RedHat virtualization guide the "virtualization-*" package groups probably mean KVM. Now, here you'll find information about Xen 4 and a RHEL dom0, including links to binary repositories. This suggests choosing "Basic Server", or just to follow the linked tutorial, they start with "Basic Server", too.

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