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I am looking for a FreeBSD based wireless router to hack around it and also use it at home.

I saw some listed on www.bsdrouter.org but those seem outdated.

Can someone point me to such a product/project which is ongoing?

My motive is to learn hacking on this device.

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Are you looking for software or hardware? – David Schwartz Nov 3 '11 at 22:18
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Assuming you are looking for software, your best choice is probably pfSense. You could also choose m0n0wall.

If you're looking for hardware, see the pfSense list list of hardware vendors. Both m0n0wall and pfSense will run on the ALIX.2D13 board.

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Thanks David. pfSense looks good. – hari Nov 4 '11 at 17:40

ZRouter.org is a FreeBSD based firmware for embedded devices, a rather new project, you'll find more information in FreeBSD's Quarterly Status Report. (It supports ARM-based devices.)

Also note that the BSD magazine recently had some related articles, they covered the NanoBSD scripts using an ALIX platform, for example. (It's free to download if they get your mail address.)

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