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I cannot for example, run this educational simulation in FF 7.01 Kubuntu 11.04 64-bit. Oh how Macromedia deprives us! I tried Gnash GNU but it doesn't seem to work...

I and hundreds of thousands of users lament Macromedia's lack of support for Linux. Why are some companies like Oracle and Nvidia steadfastly committed to providing Linux support while Macromedia, despite calls to support Linux, remain stubbornly opposed? Even if they claim it is not financially viable, there is no excuse not to provide OS-independent support for Mozilla, or disclose source for the opensource community and we will happily do it on behalf of Macromedia. What is the status today, and what are practical solutions for those left out in the cold?

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I disagree with moderator's classification of this question as "no constructive". First, it opens with a technical question that can be answered, and second, people want to know how they can constructively advocate a real cause here - no reason why you can't stick to the facts when answering it. If moderators keep doing this and wasting my time, they will lose some potentially great contributors to this site. –  ptrcao Nov 2 '11 at 15:48

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