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How should I implement approximately correct per-user monitoring on a server? I want a way to split the cost of a server between the users based on their usage. On newer machines (RHEL6) I would use cgroups; on older kernels process accounting and ps averages. Are these the best ways?

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I do not understand. If you already know the correct answer (cgroups, process accounting), what is your problem? –  andcoz Oct 28 '11 at 13:09
What do you mean by "correct distribtion of costs for a user"? –  rozcietrzewiacz Oct 28 '11 at 14:27

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Measuring the consumption process is possible to measure the consumption of the User on the server. To measure the consumption of the process, I recommend using Atop software.

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It might help you:


printf "%-10s%-10s\n" User MemUsage

while read u m
        [[ $old_user != $u ]] && {  printf "%-10s%-0.1f\n" $old_user $total_mem;
                                    total_mem=0; }
        total_mem="$(echo $m + $total_mem | bc)"

done < <(ps --no-headers -eo user,%mem| sort -k1)

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