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After installing Wine, Notepad has became a default application to open unknown textual files by double click. I'd like to eliminate this behaviour and remove Notepad from the list of applications offered to open an unknown type file. I've deleted /usr/share/applications/wine-notepad.desktop, but this didn't help. How can I disable Notepad correctly?

I use XUbuntu 11.10 (XFCE 4.8) and Wine 1.3.

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I had that problem too some months ago, and I remember I had to delete some .desktop files that were inside the $HOME/.local/share/applications folder. I think you should delete any file that has notepad as part of its name, and also you should try to delete (or move somewhere else) the files wine-extension-*.

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The only file you need to delete or rename is wine-extension-txt.desktop. This associates MimeType=text/plain with Windows Notepad. – skierpage Jun 2 at 22:32

Modify /usr/share/applications/wine-notepad.desktop, adding the line:


There is a bit more information about what that does here. Alternatively, you could probably just delete that file instead.

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You can also follow the instructions here to disable this behavior altogether:


Although you'll still need to follow the steps in nozimica's answer to get rid of existing associations.

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For , I have done :

cd ~/.local/share/applications
rm wine-extension-*
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