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Since I write in Python a lot it's kind of annoying to see .pyc files all the time and I would like to just hide them at this point. I tried the following, but I can't seem to figure out how to get it to print in multiple columns.

ceasarbautista@hse140:~/Desktop/Statistics/statistics/probability$ ls      counting.pyc        distributions.pyc   event.pyc       objects.pyc
__init__.pyc        calculus.pyc
ceasarbautista@hse140:~/Desktop/Statistics/statistics/probability$ ls | grep -v .pyc
ceasarbautista@hse140:~/Desktop/Statistics/statistics/probability$ ls -C | grep -v .pyc
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You can do that like this:

find . ! -name '*.pyc' -exec ls -dC {} +

Or with an advanced shell:

ksh: ls -dC !(*.pyc)

zsh: setopt extendedglob then ls -dC ^*.pyc

bash: shopt -s extglob then ls -dC !(*.pyc)

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Filter through column.

ls | grep -v '\.pyc$' | column
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So this works pretty well except that sometimes I get something like this: – Ceasar Bautista Oct 24 '11 at 1:14

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