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I am new to linux.

I am looking at some configuration notes for a CentOS, but I am configuring a Redhat machine. I am not clear:

  1. What the below commands install?
  2. Why one might install these?
  3. Are these applicable to a RedHat installation?
    yum groupinstall  "Development Libraries"
    yum groupinstall  "Development Tools"
    yum groupinstall  "Server Configuration Tools"

Note: I started by Googling yum group install "development libraries", but felt some terms might be ambiguous.

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Group install just installs some group of packages (= all packages in a group). This can be useful when you want to install gnome desktop, and instead of typing yum install gnome-session nautilus gdm <and many more> you can just run something like yum groupinstall "GNOME desktop". For servers I don't see any reason to use groupinstall and don't recommend it: don't install anything you don't really need. Use yum install <package> to install something you really want.

And, to check what's being installed with groupinstall use groupinfo: yum groupinfo "Development Libraries". To get list of all available groups run yum grouplist.

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