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I am trying to make a full static copy of a wordpress website with wget to be browsed without any network connection (all links and images must be converted).

The different requisites for the pages (images, css, js, ...) are on 3 different wordpress hosts and are always on the same wp-content/uploads directories.

I tried to limit the recursion on the other domains to wp-content/uploads directories with --domains and --include-directories, but I can't limit wget to fetch only these directories on the $URL1 and $URL2.

Here is the command line (which don't limit to $URL0 and [$URL1|$URL2]/wp-content/uploads ) :

wget --convert-links --recursive -l inf -N -e robots=off -R -nc 
--default-page=index.html -E -D$URL1,$URL2,$URL0 --page-requisites 
-B$URL0 -X$URL1,$URL2 --cut-dirs=1 -I*/wp-content/uploads/*, -H -F $URL0

Are there any possibility to limit wget's recursion on the other domains to only some directories ?

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Do I understand correctly that you want only directories below wp-content/uploads? If so, is the -np (no parent) flag what you're looking for? – Kevin Dec 13 '11 at 19:18
wget --mirror --convert-links yourdomain.com
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This seems like it does the opposite of what he asked; the man page says --mirror "sets infinite recursion depth" – Michael Mrozek Nov 7 '11 at 12:29
Also, could you tell us a bit about what the command actually does. Simply stating a command is not enough. – n0pe Nov 8 '11 at 3:05

Think you might be looking for the include_directories switch?

From the manual:

‘include_directories = list’ ‘-I’ option accepts a comma-separated list of directories included in the retrieval. Any other directories will simply be ignored. The directories are absolute paths. So, if you wish to download from ‘http://host/people/bozo/’ following only links to bozo's colleagues in the /people directory and the bogus scripts in /cgi-bin, you can specify:

          wget -I /people,/cgi-bin http://host/people/bozo/
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