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I try to create an archive with tar using relative paths. I use the following command:

tar czf ~/files/wp/my-page-order.tar.gz -C ~/webapps/zers/wp-content/plugins/ ~/webapps/zers/wp-content/plugins/my-page-order

But the archived files still have absolute paths. How can I use tar with relative paths?

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'~' is expanded by the shell. Don't use '~' with -C:

tar czf ~/files/wp/my-page-order.tar.gz \
      -C ~ \

(tar will include webapps/zers/wp-content/plugins/my-page-order path) or

tar czf ~/files/wp/my-page-order.tar.gz \
      -C ~/webapps/zers/wp-content/plugins \

(tar will include my-page-order path)

Or just cd first....

cd ~/webapps/zers/wp-content/plugins
tar czf ~/files/wp/my-page-order.tar.gz my-page-order
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-C new_cwd changes the current working directory to new_cwd. The following arguments are then evaluated relative to new_cwd.

tar czf ~/files/wp/my-page-order.tar.gz -C ~/webapps/zers/wp-content/plugins/ my-page-order

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