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I am using startx (with Xdmx) to run a remote session on another computer. However, when I do this, keybindings (especially control, alt and the cursor keys) are not correct on the remote session-- and this persists when the session is closed, requiring logout to restore.

I'm coming up zilch after some googling. Any ideas? Thanks!

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Sounds like the remote server remaps the keys - most of the time caused by a xmodmap setup which not considers thet different clients may have different needs.

Where the settings are stored/applied depends on your environment (plain X / Gnome / KDE / CDE / etc.).

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Some success from exporting xmodmap before startx and then reloading: only works effectively so far when starting from the same environment (ie, xfce to xfce, not KDE/ubuntu/etc to another environment. Suspect closer examination of the mapping may fix. Thanks. – 1kenthomas Sep 7 '12 at 6:34

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