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Using KDE here, but there might be a solution that works with other desktops environments too. I often am dealing with many many windows. Most windows contain many tabs (e.g. a Dolphin window with many tabs, or Firefox, Konsole, etc). The window title will change based on my current tab (which for the most part is helpful most of the time), but when working with so many windows I'd like to organize them a bit and be able to manually re-name the window, overriding the the window title that the application gives. I might name one Firefox window "Research" and other Firefox window "Documentation" to be able to easily distinguish between the windows that I've used to organize and group different tabs accordingly.

Ideally I'd be able to click on a window title bar and easily give it a custom name, but I'd settle for a solution that's slightly more cumbersome as long as it works.

I've tried wmctrl -r :SELECT: -T "Research" but that only works temporarily (the title is reverted when the application changes it, for example when switching tabs).

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Native KDE apps do have a --caption command-line option that lets you set the window title, but I don't think that's quite what you're looking for. –  David Z Oct 13 '11 at 17:55

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What you're looking for sounds like a window tagging facility. I doubt KDE has support for this, other WMs (like XMonad or DWM etc) do.

Thus one possibility to achieve this productivity boost would be to trade kwin in for XMonad and configure XMonad to do tagging. The XMonad tagging mechanism as described in the second link would be to bind a key combination to open a prompt that let's you tag the focused window. (XMonad's config is actually a Haskell-program, so don't hesitate to ask for help in #xmonad.

Edit: While I'd advise everyone to at least try a tiling WM some time, I forgot to point out that while XMonad is commonly referred to as a tiling WM, there is a "simple float"-mode. There surely are other WMs that support tagging and non-tiling layouts, but I don't know about their interoperability with KDE.

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Since there is no way to set the window title to write protect there will be no solution to that problem, since many programs reset their title upon different actions as you already have discovered.

But maybe a nice suggestion for the KDE and Gnome people ;-)

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