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XEmacs creates an .emacs_barry file in my home directory that contain my active buffers + point positions in those buffers(?). It looks like this:

"Norma Jean"

"/home/barry/plan1.txt" 4504398
"/home/barry/plan1.txt" 4504398
"/home/barry/file7.txt" 48480
"/home/barry/file9.txt" 32086

Previously, xemacs would restore my session on restart, but it no longer does that. I've tried "apropos session" and tried several commands to no avail.

How do I tell xemacs to load all the files in .emacs_barry? Or, can I just get emacs to load a list of files in a given file/buffer?

I realize my xinit.el or something is broken, but this is the only thing I really miss.

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That file is created by the "saveconf" package. Unless it was dumped with XEmacs (unlikely), you need these lines at the end of your .emacs file:

(require 'saveconf)     
(setq auto-save-and-recover-context t)                                                        
(and (null (cdr command-line-args))                                           
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