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For Debian and Ubuntu there is the populartiiy contest package and result pages (Popcon). Is there something similar for Fedora?

And what about derivatives like RHEL, CentOS, Scientific Linux etc.?

I found just old proposals and a blog post of an Open Suse effort from 2009. What is the current status of such efforts?

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The end of the thread discussing the product seems to to indicate that it wouldn't be terribly useful to Fedora. It would require infrastructure changes to fedora mirrors so it's not a simple task to implement.

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Well, with a popcon-like approach the usage data is collected on (and send from) end user machines (via a cron job that queries the package db and the atimes of executables and so on) - for this you don't need mirror infrastructure changes. The discussion in the linked thread is kind of unstructured - but one maintainer is strictly against any package data collection because he can't see how it would be useful (although some use cases are presented). – maxschlepzig Oct 10 '11 at 20:07

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