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I'm trying to use regex as a field seperator in awk. From my reading this seems possible but I can't get the syntax right.

rpm -qa | awk '{ 'FS == [0-9]' ; print $1 }'
awk: cmd. line:1: { FS
awk: cmd. line:1:     ^ unexpected newline or end of string

Thoughts? The goal if not obviouse is to get a list of software without version number.

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You have mucked up your quotes. Here's a better way:

awk -F'[0-9]' '{ print $1 }'
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+1 for KAK's answer. Alternately, the FS variable can be set in the BEGIN block:

awk 'BEGIN {FS="[0-9]"} {print $1}'

Changing FS in a action block won't take effect until the next line is read

$ printf "%s\n" "abc123 def456" "ghi789 jkl0" | awk '{FS="[0-9]"; print $1}'

The other errors in the question:

  • can't use single quotes inside a single-quoted string
  • == is a comparison operator, = is for variable assignment
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