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I'm writing a module for drupal. Its functionality is contingent on the directory name, certain file names, and function names being identical.

I'm troubleshooting now, and I wanted to to a search to see that I had an identical string in all the places I needed it to be, but I realized I would be missing the directory name and filename! Is there a way to do a grep or something that would search all that information?

For example, if my module was named string, I would need

  function string_function1() {...}
  function string_function2() {...}

If I did my everythinggrep string . and I saw

  function string_function1() {...}
  function string_function2() {...}

I would know that I had misnamed my module file.

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Would the file actually be string.module? – k.parnell Oct 6 '11 at 18:57
@k.parnell Yes. The directory name, the first part of the file name, and the first parts of function names must all be identical. – user394 Oct 6 '11 at 20:10
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Not in a single statement, but in two statements:

For searching in text-files:

grep -RI "string" directory/*

For finding file-names:

find directory -type f -name "*string*" -ls
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