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I don't even know how to write the correct question since it is a little confusing to ask it. Here is the problem. User X would like FTP access to /user/x folder and to /var/www/x folder. How can I manage to give the user access to both places without making 2 ftp accounts for each. Am using vsftpd on Ubuntu 11.04. He will use filezilla to login and wants to see the following structure or something similare to it:

/ <-- The root of the ftp directory  
usr/x <-- The user X  
www/x <-- The www folder for X

Is this possible all in one ftp access account?

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Thanks already got the answer. It was a simple mount option. For example in that case I did this inside the www/x folder:

mkdir userx (Which will be the /usr/x folder)
mount --bind /usr/x userx

And then gave the permissions needed for the user. This way the user got the structure like this:

userx <-- Which is the /user/x folder)

and he can work on both places from a single FTP user.

After the permissions I then add this to the runtime so when the PC reboots it hold the binding of mount afterwards.

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