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I was using Kile for editing Latex documents, but after latest package upgrade (I am running Debian Testing) all Kde applications are running reeeeaaaallllly slow - so I am looking for a temporary Gnome based (GTK) substitute.

I am looking for an application that will allow me to edit text, highlight syntax, have a button to run pdflatex (and ideally bibtex if needed, and then pdflatex again etc.), another button for viewing the latest pdf. Syntax and reference completion would be a bonus.

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There is not a dedicated GNOME latex editor, for what I know, apart from gedit + gedit-latex-plugin.

A gtk alternative could be geany + geany-plugin-latex.

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emacs + auctex + preview

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Latexila is a good IDE for gnome platform written in Vala. It offers features like autocompletion, a sidebar for symbols, syntax colouring and single click compile and build facility.

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