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I'm trying to use Matlab R2010a over ssh, with X forwarding.

Now the X forwarding certainly works (for example xclock displays nice and fast)

But when invoking matlab, I get the splash screen ok, and when the desktop loads, I just get an empty window (only the start button is displayed). The window apears somewhat functional: Clicking in the area where the menu is supposed to be does open the menu.

Now the question is: how to fix this?

I'm using the grml 2010.12 live cd (which is based on debian unstable), with xorg 1:7.5+8 and the nouveau X driver. Any suggestions are welcome.

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Maybe you can use vncserver if you have port forwarding enabled on the remote host:

Connect to the remote_host:

$ ssh -L local_port:remote_host:5910
vncserver :10

Then run on the local host:


Replace local_port for any port number you want.

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