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From: https://secure.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/wiki/FTPS

Explicit: If a client does not request security, the FTPS server can either allow the client to continue insecure or refuse/limit the connection.

Implicit: A client is immediately expected to challenge the FTPS server with a TLS/SSL ClientHello message. If such a message is not received by the FTPS server, the server should drop the connection.

So If I own only the client side, then what can I do to allow an FTPES connection to only use a secure connection? Under a non-windows OS.

IPtables/pf rule? Proxy? or What can I do?

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You would need to configure the client to always use encrypted control and data connections. For example, in lftp this is done by setting ftp:ssl-force and ftp:ssl-protect-data to true.

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