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Yesterday I installed FUDUNTU. During the install my MBR (I use ubuntu as my main OS) was overwritten. When I recovered the MBR I discovered that FUDUNTU was not listed. Any idea?

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Fedora and Fuduntu use (as far as I understand) - legacy Grub.

I would restore Grub 2 to your MBR using your Ubuntu Live CD, then boot with your Fuduntu live CD (I'm presuming there is such a thing) and install Grub onto the root of the Fuduntu partition - please ask on the Fedora/Fuduntu forums on how to do this if you are unsure how to reinstall Grub into the Fuduntu partition.

Reboot into normal Ubuntu and re-run

sudo update-grub

This should put both Funduntu and Ubuntu into Grub 2

How To Boot Into Ubuntu 11.04 After Installing Fedora 15

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