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I wanted to resize the FS on a machine but i ran into problems:

Purpose: the LV of /home is too big, the LV of / is too small (they're on 1 VG.) - I need to put 10 GByte from /home to /!!

Problem: gparted only shows this (can't see the LV's.. :):

enter image description here

How can I put 10 GByte to / from /home if they're encrypted with LUKS?

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GParted doesn't support LVM at all (unless this has changed recently?). You'll need to use the command line tools.

First, if you're booting from some rescue media, ensure that the volume group involved is active. The sequence will be something like

cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/sda2 encrypted
vgchange -ay /dev/mapper/my_volume_group
lvchange -ay /dev/mapper/my_volume_group-root /dev/mapper/my_volume_group-home

Then shrink the filesystem of the home volume. Use the right tool depending on the filesystem, e.g. resize2fs for ext2/ext3/ext4, resize_reiserfs for ReiserFS, …

Then resize the logical volumes, first shrinking home to make room, then expanding root to use the available space. Check the documentation for the units you can use with lvreduce.

lvreduce -L NEWSIZE /dev/mapper/my_volume_group-home
lvextend /dev/mapper/my_volume_group-root

Finally extend the filesystem of the root volume.

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