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I am writing a linux kernel module to report statistics and send some log messages. Can I use syslog to accomplish this job? Or is printk the only way?

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The messages written via printk with the right level end up in syslog anyway (in normal configurations).

However, if you have a really strange setup and you really want to use the user-space syslog from kernel space, you should use the usual suspects (sys_open, sys_write, sys_close) on the /dev/log socket, because this is what syslogd is listening to.

EDIT: By sys_open, sys_open, sys_write, sys_close I meant the system calls implementations of the kernel and not some functions from userspace (syslog.h or whatever).

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Yes, I tried to use sys_open, sys_write and sys_close from syslog.h. But learnt that one cannot use user level library functions (syslog.h) from kernel modules. So, it looks like printk is my only choice for now unless if I can find a way to hack printk to send messages with different facility other than KERNEL. Thanks for your help tough :) – Obulpathi Sep 16 '11 at 14:45

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