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I want to put a mysql path into the bash profile of my macbook pro. How do I access the bash file and then make it visible in the finder so I can open it with a text editor and put in the path?

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You can set your Finder to show all hidden files by running these commands in Terminal:

defaults write com.apple.Finder AppleShowAllFiles TRUE
killall Finder

Alternately, you can just edit files using the open command directly:

open -a TextEdit .bash_profile
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You cannot selectively make .bash_profile visible to the Finder. You can either make all "invisible" files visible using defaults write com.apple.Finder AppleShowAllFiles TRUE or not. (I recommend not.)

You can edit .bashrc or .bash_profile from the Terminal using Emacs or VI(M). Or you can create a file named BASHRC (or anything else) and then rename it to .bashrc or .bash_profile using the terminal.

Or you can launch TextEdit on the file using

open -a TextEdit .bash_profile
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