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Is there any way to find out from terminal which process is causing high CPU Usage ?

It would also be useful to order processes in descending order of cpu Usage

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top will display what is using your CPU. If you have it installed, htop allows you more fine-grained control, including filtering by—in your case—CPU

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Top is often less than useful. First because processes often fluctuate - it's not unusual to see process that is completely occupying the cpu occasionally flicker to 0% in top, and if you have multiple intensive processes running they can alternate, taking turns to use 100% while the other uses 0%, making it hard to read. Also, sometimes the numbers are just strange - e.g. right now my top is reporting that all individual processes are using 0% cpu, but the total is 52% - so which one is doing it? – Benubird Sep 23 '15 at 7:18
ps -eo pcpu,pid,user,args | sort -k1 -r | head -10

Works for me, show the top 10 cpu using threads

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You can probably use ps xo pid,cmd --sort=%cmd | tail -1, but top will show in real time.

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