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I am looking for "the modern" lynx/links/elinks fork or equivalent that's actively maintained and can be considered the most advanced of the genre, please.

I have looked at this already: http://web-browsers.findthebest.com/compare/18-25-26/ELinks-Web-Browser-vs-Lynx-Web-Browser-vs-Links-Web-Browser

This question is similar to this http://stackoverflow.com/questions/604666/elinks-or-lynx but allows consideration of other programs as well.

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Lynx is actively maintained, but mostly for bug fixes.

The last release of Links 2 was on 2011-08-10. The elinks fork still has an active developer mailing list with occasional bug fixes, but hasn't seen a release since 2009.

W3m is actively maintained, though no major feature has been added in several years. The latest version is w3m 0.5.3 released on 2011-01-15.

There isn't a single project that's more advanced than the rest. W3m's killer feature is its superior rendering of frames, tables and other visual elements. Links's killer feature is its experimental JavaScript support.

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