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Is it possible to run a Java process in Linux in a way that it could be seen in ps as some sort of alias? It would be easier to restart it when it is down.

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Try Java Virtual Machine Process Status Tool(jps):

[Tue Aug 30@17:02:14][prince@localhost ~]$ jps -l
30207 sun.tools.jps.Jps
29947 org.netbeans.Main
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Here is a description of how to change the program name. It is done by changing the first program argument argv[0], which contains the program name. This makes it necessary to write a small wrapper around the Java binary.

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Restarting a program when it is down could be done very differently. For example:

jstart () {
    java -cp /foo/bar baz.Main 

Start your script, and if the program terminates, it gets restarted immediately.

You have to hit Ctrl + C to terminate your script, or kill the script by name.

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  1. Use the options to ps that let you see the parameters (i.e. main class name)

  2. Create a softlink to java.exe, with the name you desire, and use that to run the program. (untested)

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