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What are the advantages or disadvantages of manually un/mounting internal drives?

I've never really bothered un-mounting internal HDDs after mounting them the first time around but would like to know if there are any advantages/disadvantages of doing so - for the home *nix user.

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You probably won't be able to manually un-mount devices that contain root and/or home filesystems: too many processes will have one or the other as their current working directory. So that can't be your situation.


  1. Requires root to mount or unmount.
  2. Easy to forget to do, causing extra puzzlement.


  1. A disk un-mounted when a power failure occurs would be less likely to have its filesystem(s) messed up. The filesystem(s) are quiescent.
  2. Easier to do fsck-style filesystem cleanup - don't have to do it during boot.
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