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How can i view the priority of a specific process ?

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The top command lists the priority of running processes under the PR heading. If you have it installed, you can also search for a process and sort by priority in htop.

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ps is probably the right way to go. You can then grep and awk your way to the relevant row and column

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awk '{print $18}' /proc/1337/stat (gets the prio for process 1337).

Other options:

Use ps -o pri. Specify the process id with -p 1337. Or, use -e to list all processes.

Experiment with this as a starting point if you want more than just the priority:

ps -e -o uid,pid,ppid,pri,ni,cmd
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ps -o ni $(pidof processname)

For example:

ps -o ni $(pidof mysqld)

# ps -o ni $(pidof mysqld) 
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