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I had a really bad lockup of my X server and had to do a Sys Rq + r to release my keyboard from X and get into a console. I was able to kill the process that was locking up my system, and continue my work in my still running X server.

Now whenever I e.g. push Alt + F4 to kill a window, my system switches to the 4th console instead of killing the active window. So it seems that my keyboard still is in released mode.

How do I undo my previous Sys Rq + r command, such that I can continue my work in my running X server?

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I found the solution myself just after asking this question.

To switch back the console in which X is running (usually tty7), from ASCII mode to RAW mode execute the following command:

sudo kbd_mode -s -C /dev/tty7

And now everything works as expected again. :)

More information available in the question: What does raw/unraw keyboard mode mean?

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Thanks! Still trying to figure out if there's a way to do it for all ttys at once, the same way unRaw does... – phyzome Nov 1 '15 at 13:58

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