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Most of the faqs/how-to for dual booting assume windows is installed with 'nix being installed in unpartitioned space.

I need to go the other way, i have wheezy installed and need to install xp, so, i'm going to resize a partion, format fat, install windows, and then ...?

does windows install over-write the MBR? Can that be fixed (Back to grub)

I guess I don't mind reinstalling wheezy after installing xp, but that seems like a sledgehammer


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Windows will overwrite the MBR and put their own stuff on there. You can always install grub from pretty much any linux Live CD (or you can use a utility Live CD).

Other than that, your systems should play nice.

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Rescatux does this nicely and with ease. supergrubdisk.org/category/download/rescatuxdownloads/… – Jenny T-Type May 30 at 21:23

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