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What are the commands to use in btrfs in case I want to:

  1. create a (read-only) snapshot of a volume;
  2. (do some experiments in the volume);
  3. and then rollback the volume to the snapshot?
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# take a read-only snapshot:
btrfs sub snap -r fs snapshot

... do things on fs

# rolling back:
btrfs sub del fs # at which point you'll lose those things you've done
                 # if you want to preserve them, just rename fs instead

btrfs sub snap snapshot fs # reinstate snapshot as a read+write fs
btrfs sub del snapshot # delete the non-longer needed read-only snapshot
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I like how you snapshot the snapshot over the filesystem, instead of attempting to move it. It's elegant in analogy to copying the snapshot, rather than attempting to use and alter it. You might mention that this sequence will end up deleting everything done in the "... do things" step. – Bladt Jun 24 '15 at 15:02

Try from the other side: create R/W snapshot, use it as new main one, do "some experiments" on old one, then just drop contents of old.

Article "BTRFS Fun" can be helpful.

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