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I just installed ArchLinux and then KDE. It was all working fine. After a reboot, KDE simply refuses to starts. Whenever I login using KDM, it shows the KDE splash screen.. and before the second icon loads, it sort of crashes and returns back to the login screen. This is the error I got from /var/log/messages:

Aug 21 23:33:23 meanmachine kernel: [   26.023430] kded4[1093]: segfault at 68 ip 00007fd16607012e sp 00007fff5ce4d2a0 error 4 in ld-2.14.so[7fd166065000+1f000]
Aug 21 23:33:23 meanmachine kernel: [   26.061628] kcminit_startup[1095]: segfault at 68 ip 00007fd16607012e sp 00007fff5ce4d3b0 error 4 in ld-2.14.so[7fd166065000+1f000]

I've tried:

  1. Clearing the pacman cache.
  2. Re-installing kde-meta, resyncing base, base-devel.
  3. Doing a system-wide upgrade.

However nothing seems to work. I am facing the same problem again. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Are you out of disk space? Does another desktop environment or windowmanager work, like xfce4 or pekwm? –  Alexander Dec 2 '11 at 14:48

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