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If I do echo foo bar baz | grep -o -w baz the output is foo bar baz (and an extra newline).
The expected output would be baz as the -o option should only display the matched part.
I'm using Mac OS X 10.7.1 and the grep version is grep (GNU grep) 2.5.1

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Hmm. Works correctly with grep (GNU grep) 2.9 (Gentoo) – Michael Mrozek Aug 20 '11 at 22:07
Works for me too with GNU grep 2.5.3 on Linux. On OS X 10.5.8 (GNU grep 2.5.1) I can confirm that it does not work. – Wodin Aug 20 '11 at 23:20
I can't reproduce this with a grep 2.5.1 compiled from source. Do you have any GREP_* environment variable set? – Gilles Aug 21 '11 at 0:13
@Gilles No I don't – Tyilo Aug 21 '11 at 0:29
Confirmed issue on Mac OS X Lion - just ran into it myself :-/ Frank's solution works for me. – astrostl Aug 24 '11 at 21:18
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There's a workaround by using the grep regex syntax for matching the empty string at the beginning and end of a word!

# grep regex syntax for matching words only
man grep | less -p '\<'

# POSIX 1003.2 regular expression syntax for matching words only
# should work for sed, ed, ...
man re_format | less -p '\[\[:<:\]\]'

echo 'foo bar baz' | egrep -o '\<baz\>'

echo 'foo bar baz' | sed -n '/.*[[:<:]]\(baz\)[[:>:]].*/s//\1/p'

If you insist on using grep's -w flag, try the precompiled Rudix 2010 grep binary (grep-2.5.4-1.dmg).


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Seems like a bug to me. If you don't mind using the grep from macports (v 2.9), it behaves the way you expect.

2.5.1 seems is far from the latest release, but I suppose you could try filling a bug with Apple.

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Before reporting a bug to GNU, you should check whether more recent versions and home-compiled binaries have the same issue. I doubt GNU would appreciate a bug report if the problem turned out to be the way Apple built the binary, or if the issue has been fixed a long time ago. – Gilles Aug 21 '11 at 1:21

Alternatively you could install a newer version of GNU grep via Homebrew:

brew tap homebrew/dupes; brew install homebrew/dupes/grep

Then do the following:

$ echo foo bar baz | /usr/local/bin/ggrep -o -w baz
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I would probably get it from macports instead if I really needed it. – Tyilo Dec 2 '12 at 17:45

In 10.8, /usr/bin/grep was replaced with a different version of grep, which doesn't seem to have that issue:

$ echo foo bar baz | grep -o -w baz
$ grep -V
grep (BSD grep) 2.5.1-FreeBSD


$ echo foo bar baz | grep -o -w baz
foo bar baz

$ grep -V
grep (GNU grep) 2.5.1

Copyright 1988, 1992-1999, 2000, 2001 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
This is free software; see the source for copying conditions. There is NO
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