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What is the command to check partition information on a CentOS 5.5 release?

Specifically, I'm looking to see if the partitions were set as LVMs.

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fdisk -l shows the PC-style partitions on each disk.

cat /proc/partitions shows the available block devices. sda, sdb and so on are hard disks. sda1 and such are partitions on these disks. dm-0 and so on are LVM logical volumes.

pvs or pvdisplay reports the volumes that are LVM physical volumes.

df shows the mounted filesystems. If a filesystem is mounted from some place like /dev/sda1, it's not on an LVM volume. If it's mounted from /dev/mapper/group-logical, it's on an LVM volume.

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pvs tells me the format of the partition (it shows LVM2). Tanxsomuch! – Mechaflash Aug 12 '11 at 13:08

Running pvdisplay will show you information about the various known PVs. pvscan will scan the current devices for PVs.

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