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I am using Debian Squeeze on my laptop and installed network-manager with cnetworkmanager command line utility to handle my wireless connection. To get connected, I issue the command:

me@debian:~$ cnetworkmanager -C 'ESSID' --unprotected
Entering mainloop
(21:18:45) State: CONNECTING
(21:18:48) State: CONNECTED

And after that, it just stays there never going back to the CLI prompt. How do I run it so that after it gets connected, it will go back to the prompt.

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At a very basic level,

nohup cnetworkmanager -C 'ESSID' --unprotected &

but it might be worth thinking about writing it as a daemon, or a service of some kind if the tool doesn't already support it.

You could also run it in the foreground, then background it,

cnetworkmanager -C 'ESSID' --unprotected

Then hit CTRL-Z which drops you to the command line with the program 'stopped', at which point you background it using,


The advantage being (over nohup) you can foreground it later using


and interact with it.

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