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I need to install epics on my Ubuntu system, but when I try to it returns a warning saying it cannot find the dynamic library (libca.so or libCom.so). I tried to locate them, but it appears that they do not exist on my system. How can I get them on there? I thought they should automatically be there?

This is really the symptom of a larger problem I'm having when I try to run the program I am working with. That gives me the following error:

OSError: /dls_sw/epics/R3.14.8.2/base/lib/linux-x86/libca.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I figured I got this because I need to install epics, but I can't do that because libca.so doesn't exist on my system...

I'm fairly new to all this so hopefully this all makes sense.

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A little googling shows that libca is part of EPICS. What did you do to install EPICS? It seems that you already have it under /dls_sw/epics; is there a libca.so there? What is the output of uname -m, and of file /path/to/the/program/you/want/to/run? –  Gilles Aug 8 '11 at 23:01

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