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I have a logfile with timestamps in it. Occasionally there are multiple timestamps in one line. Now I would like to remove all of the timestamps from a line but keep the first one.

I can do s/pattern//2 but that only removes the second occurrence and sed doesn't allow something like s/pattern//2-.

Any suggestions?

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I should've told that it's the sed of busybox. Sorry for that. – Folkert van Heusden Aug 8 '11 at 12:08

This should work (replace _ by something else should it clash with your logs):

sed -e 's/pattern/_&/1' -e 's/\([^_]\)pattern//g' -e 's/_\(pattern\)/\1/'
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if you're ever wanting a unique delimiter, use \n. – mikeserv Dec 19 '14 at 13:35
sed -e ':begin;s/pattern//2;t begin'

or without the sed goto:

sed -e 's/\(pattern\)/\1\n/;h;s/.*\n//;s/pattern//g;H;g;s/\n.*\n//'
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A slight variation on @jillagre's answer (modified for robustness) could look like:

sed 's/p\(attern\)/p\n\1/;s///g;s/\n//'

...but in some seds you may need to replace the n in the right-hand side of the first s///ubstitution statement with a literal \newline character.

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