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How could I modify this INPUT:


to this OUTPUT:


...using bash or perl?

Of course script.sh could be anything: (e.g. scrasdfipt.sh, etc) and the path before it could be anything.

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dirname /home/USER/Desktop/script.sh

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For the exact question, you can use

printf "$(dirname /home/USER/Desktop/script.sh)/"

I'm guessing this is an X-Y problem, and you want to refer to a file in the same directory as the current script. If so:

current_dir="$(dirname -- "$0")"

At this point you can do stuff like

source "${current_dir}/foo.sh"
echo foo > "${current_dir}/bar.txt"
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Using bash:

$ dirname -- "$string"

You can also get the last bit the same way like this:

$ basename -- "$string"
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In addition to the dirname proposed, you can also remove a susbstring using parameter expansion:

echo ${dir%/*}
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Note that if the original string contains no directory information, $dir will end up identical to it. Fix: case "$file" in */*) dir="${file%/}";; *) dir=".";; esac – Gilles Jul 29 '11 at 11:32

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