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I have two internet connections. The cables from the two ISP's (dhcp; 1-10/10 Mbit; 2-20/20Mbit connection) are on two interfaces: eth0 and eth1. On eth3 there is a Gbit switch and on the switch there are many clients.

How do I configure the Dual-Wan?

I mean I don't want that the clients get notice of that one of the ISP has failed, and "not serving internet"!

So if a client runs ping and the cable of one of the ISP is torn apart because of a yellow monster :) then there would be no ping outage.

Any Linux-based OS would do (or even *BSD!)

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A lot of Linux routing and networking capabilities can be found in the Linux Advanced Routing & Traffic Control Howto.

In particular, your specific question is addressed in 4.2 Routing for multiple uplinks/providers.

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