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I need a way to store some SSH passwords. Note that these are login passwords which I need to pass to ssh; key authentication is unfortunately not an option. I'd like to be able to have KWallet fill them in for me somehow, because I think Gnome-keyring can do this. Does anyone know if KDE has this functionality in KWallet? And if so, how I can set it up to make use of it?

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I don't have KDE handy but I poked at gnome-keyring a little bit and it looks like it accomplishes this by providing the ssh client with an alternate askpass program.

Check the value of $KWALLET_ASKPASS from your terminal in KDE. If it is set to something try this: export SSH_ASKPASS=$KWALLET_ASKPASS.

If not look around through your distro's packages and see if there is an askpass replacement program associated with kwallet. If so, set SSH_ASKPASS to that program.

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Does that work even for a password (as opposed to a key passphrase)? OpenSSH is very finicky about reading passwords only from a terminal. – Gilles Jul 25 '11 at 11:34

There is a long-standing KDE feature request to use kwallet as an ssh agent. You might want to comment or vote on that bug.

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