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I would like to get Fedora 15, but I also need kmod-nvidia-PAE drivers. So, which iso exactly should download to make the kmod-nvidia work when I will download it by RPM Fusion? (Like the right kernel, not one that kmod-nvidia isn't made for.)

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If you don't mind some extra aditional dependencies you might want to take a look at akmod-nvidia (also found on the rpmfusion repository).

akmod-nvidia will build a suitable driver for you kernel, regardless of kernel version. This means less waiting for a new driver when the kernel version is updated. I really recommend it.

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If it has to be kmod-nvidia-PAE then it sounds like you'll need the 32 bit version.

However, RPM Fusion should have 64 bit nvidia drivers as well - just install kmod-nvidia and it should pick the right one for your kernel, regardless of whether you install Fedora 32 or 64 bit.

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