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I have some (~3) Debian boxes, and I want to post system mail to my non-local mailbox. But I have a problem with configuring exim4. Also I don't like so much exim4's config. Too different, and also with my last try I had to store the password unencrypted.

I have 2 questions:

  1. How do I configure outgoing mail with GMail/GApps SMTP? (password stored encypted)
  2. How to return all of MY and ROOT's mails to my other address, sent trough the new SMTP?

Any question, or info needed, just comment. I would really appreciate any tutorial!


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Do you need to use exim4?

I recommend using postfix. This guide helps you do this with encrypted password http://www.marksanborn.net/linux/send-mail-postfix-through-gmails-smtp-on-a-ubuntu-lts-server/

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Ok, thanks. I'll try it out. (Otherwise, it seems to be a little out-of-date. I don't think, I have to gen 3 certs. ProFTPd, Apache doesn't need so much to use TLS. But, I'll try.) – antivirtel Jul 21 '11 at 20:12

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