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I'm trying to validate/verify that the rsa key, ca-bundle, and certificate stored here are ok. They are not being served by a webserver. How can I verify them?

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Look at the openssl x509 manual section. – alex Jul 7 '11 at 16:03

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Assuming your certificates are in PEM format, you can do:

openssl verify cert.pem

If your "ca-bundle" is a file containing additional intermediate certificates in PEM format:

openssl verify -untrusted ca-bundle cert.pem

If your openssl isn't set up to automatically use an installed set of root certificates (e.g. in /etc/ssl/certs), then you can use -CApath or -CAfile to specify the CA.

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The OpenSSL verify manual can help you here.

Also, see this page has some excellent examples.

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Here is one-liner to verify certificate chain:

openssl verify -verbose -x509_strict -CAfile ca.pem cert_chain.pem

This doesn't require to install CA anywhere.

See for details.

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