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I have a bunch of HTML files, and I need to add <script src="ga.js"></script> before each search instance of "</body></html>".

How would I add that to the bottom of all these files?

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If they're actually on the same line, you can do it pretty trivially with sed:

$ sed -i '/<\/body><\/html>/ i <script src="ga.js"></script>' *.html

That finds all html files in the current directory (*.html), searches for </body></html> (/.../), and inserts (i) the script tag before it, writing the changes back to the same file (-i)

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You can probably drop the search for <\/html>. Even if it turns up on another line, the important part is that this ends up before the closing body tag. – Caleb Jul 8 '11 at 6:16

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