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I tried to install mame on Linux, and the icons appear inside the game folder (xmame, xmame.sdl, xmame.x11) but none of them would run. What is the problem?

Edit: It says they are read-only, but I cannot change permissions, it says, because I am not the owner. So what should I do? Run sudo command?

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Try running the game's binary from command line (terminal) and observe any errors in output. – alex Jul 6 '11 at 6:56

The most likely cause (and the simplest to rectify) is that the xmame file doesn't have it's executable bit set, so check that the permissions include an x for you or your group.

Other issues will require more detail from you. You should update the question with symptoms as 'would not run' could cover a multitude of sins.

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When I need to install XMAME, I learnt a lesson if you need xmame please install a front end highly configurable please try to install KXMAME (http://sourceforge.net/projects/kxmame/) and you can take all control for XMAME.

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Yes you should run sudo to change the permissions, but don't try to run the app because it could be insecure:

In order to change the owner you should run in a root shell:

#chown -R [user] ./fileordirectory

In order to add exexution permision you should run in a root shell:

#chmod +x ./file

Edit: You said:

"and the icons appear inside the game folder"

Are you clicking on the icons? That could be the problem -- you should click on the executable files, which normally don't have icons in Linux. If that doesn't work, you should try to set the executable permissions.

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