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How can I find out the Mflops on my linux computer? I can see the bogomips on my /proc/cpuinfo but I don't see any Mflops on that file:

$ cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep -ie mips -ie flops

bogomips    : 3591.29
bogomips    : 3590.96
bogomips    : 3590.96
bogomips    : 3590.96
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Similar question asked here - ServerFault

The person who asked the question was pleased with Phoronix Test Suite.

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It's not a static number you can just read out of some register, it's a measure of how many floating point calculations you can actually do. However, there are both a variety of variations on this operation that some processors will be better at than others and it's affected by a lot of other factors in a system besides the CPU, so it's not an easy thing to measure.

See this question on ServerFault for some ideas on how to estimate it and benchmark software that can be used.

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